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Join us January 21st!

A Virtual Event for Women Returners

Join us for She's Headed Back to Work Day - Tuesday, January 21st - A virtual event designed to support Returners heading back to work after extended family leave.


Sign up here to be updated on the day's activities and get access to a free list of resources to update your skills!

Women Returners

Women to women...

We at Right Executive Search are all professional women, former “Returners” ourselves and “Master Jugglers;” most of us still in the trenches of rearing children, and know firsthand what it’s like to balance a career with motherhood.   The good news is that women in the 40s to 60s age bracket can and quite frequently DO obtain successful “outside” careers after being the “in home” CEO for many years. We can teach Returners like you how to initiate and conduct a job search in a way that gets you noticed and back into the workplace expeditiously. 

  • Ready to return to the workforce after an extended leave of absence?

  • Are you overwhelmed with the process and don't know where to start?


On Her Way Back

On Her Way Back is a self-help book to support “Returners” – women who are journeying back to the workforce after an extended leave of absence. The book is a collaborative effort from the woman-owned and -staffed executive recruiting agency, Right Executive Search.  Returners get the best of both worlds in this book, which is chock-full of information on how, in one’s 40s and 50s, to conduct a strategic, successful job search and renew a career in midlife.

This book provides guidance to Returners on how to:

  • Learn more about what you’re qualified to do after an extended leave. Identify your transferable skills achieved while on leave and streamline your search within targeted job titles, industries, and employers.

  • Wordsmith and design attention-grabbing, keyword-packed career documents such as your resume, cover letter, and thank-you notes.

  • Utilize today’s social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, during your job search.

  • Organize your job search so that every minute is used effectively.

  • Prepare for the interview.  Today’s interviews are not like they were 10, or even 5 years ago.  Learn how to anticipate and answer questions used in today’s interview strategies.

  • Empower yourself!  Women in the 40s to 60s age range can and quite frequently DO obtain successful “outside” careers after being the “in home” CEO for many years.

  • This book gives a competitive edge with advice from women who are Executive Recruiters, who scour resumes and credentials, and are usually sitting at the employer’s side of the interview table.


As a bonus, the book includes access to a customizable Job Search Workbook with career document templates and a “ready to go” file that organizes a job search from job targets, job sites, application tracking, employer contacts, networking organizations, and much more!

Are you a woman aiming to be “On Her Way Back” sometime soon? 

What are you waiting for? 

Strategic & Tactical Job Search Plan Development
Career Exploration Testing

Are you looking for an objective way to determine your best career direction?


Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process.  It can be a valuable tool for clarifying career direction, assisting in career transition and capitalizing on innate preferences that contribute to job satisfaction and success.

Right Executive Search is an engaged consultant of Birkman® International, an organization that helps people and organizations improve performance through extensive behavioral and occupational assessment – The Birkman® Method.


Determine your own special Career with
Birkman Career Exploration Test

Job Search Strategy Development


Here's your Job Search Master Plan in one document!


Every business has a business plan, and your job search should be no exception. Sessions consist of structured job-search plan development, including an actionable outline you'll put in place for daily, weekly and monthly goals. The sessions may also include resume review, opportunity identification, networking/social media instruction, LinkedIn instruction/profile development and interview suggestions with RES' experienced professionals. Recruiter-developed proprietary job-search materials are also included.



Two 60-minute Job Search Strategy Development Sessions:  $199

Combination eBook & Workbook - Coming Soon!


Here's your Job Search Master Plan in one central document!


Our Job Search Ebook and Workbook will help you remain proactive and confident as you continue your job search. Based on our years of experience as professional recruiters and hiring managers, it lays out all the essentials for a smart and efficient job search: updating your resume and LinkedIn profile , defining your career direction, identifying and reaching out to your network, conducting more effective online searches, tracking your applications, and more. It includes job market insights, resume and Linkedin templates, job board links and resources in a spreadsheet file that you can make your own and organize your search in a much more effective way. Use this tool every day to present your skills and experience to the best advantage and target the opportunities you really want. This is not general, "pie in the sky" advice, but actionable recommendations that you will utilize daily, weekly and monthly.


The eBook/workbook is available as part of our more complete

Career Coaching services or can be purchased separately 

for a minimal cost of $59.95


Contact Us to learn more.

Resume & Linkedin® Profile Writing

- Entry to Mid-Level Candidates: $299 


- Executive-Level Candidates: $499

The Right Resume

Content and format development for entry to executive level candidates


We will review your resume with you and make sure both the visual presentation and content will quickly get a recruiter's attention. (As recruiters, we know!) We'll help you develop results-driven, keyword-rich resumes that make it easier for recruiters and hiring managers to ascertain you are the right person for the job!

The Winning Linkedin® Profile 


Get noticed with a sleek, cutting-edge profile with keyword-rich content that gets you found by recruiters and conveys your personal branding statement.


As executive recruiters, we understand the necessity of a cutting-edge and professional online appearance, along with the candidate search strategy that recruiters use on LinkedIn®. A powerful LinkedIn® profile humanizes your brand and candidacy, draws on your career success, and provides the content needed to make you stand out from the crowd.  Our LinkedIn® profile- writing strategist is well endorsed with recommendations and testimonials of success.


We can’t write for you without talking to you.  Profile package includes a phone interview, email communication, and final review phone consultation.


- Entry to Mid-Level Candidates: $199


- Executive-Level Candidates: $299

Launch Your Job Search Package

Launching your job search, but don't have time to create your complete portfolio of personal marketing collateral? We do everything for you!


Package includes resume, cover letter and LinkedIn® profile


- Entry to Mid-Level: $550

- Executive-Level: $750