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Career Exploration Testing


Self-assessment is the first step in the career planning process.  It can be a valuable tool for clarifying career direction, assisting in career transition and capitalizing on innate preferences that contribute to job satisfaction and success.

Right Executive Search is an engaged consultant of Birkman® International, an organization that helps people and organizations improve performance through extensive behavioral and occupational assessment – The Birkman® Method.


Determine your own special Career Aptitude – with a Birkman Career Exploration Test

  • Re-entering the workforce after family leave?

  • Recent graduate looking for your first professional role? 

  • Found yourself in the wrong job? 

  • Are you looking for an objective way to determine your best career direction?


Advantages of Taking a Birkman® Career Exploration Test



  • Learn what fields and roles suit your interests and behaviors.
    Your test provides indicators of roles where you are likely to be successful -- for example, a physician, attorney, social worker, or salesperson. It provides an overview of your personality traits such as creativity, the desire to please customers, and enjoyment in solving problems. The test can provide indicators of future job performance, followed by cognitive ability, social perceptions, workplace culture and setting preferences, and occupational interests.


  • Stand out among other candidates.
    While you may have a knock-out LinkedIn® profile and an impressive resume and cover letter, a personality assessment report gives you an advantage over other candidates. It sends a strong message that you are very serious about your job search and your future. The results are a great conversation starter and are impressive on your social media profiles, especially LinkedIn®.


  • Better focus for your job search.
    The Birkman® test results can help guide you in your job search strategy and employer identification analysis. 

Who can benefit from a career exploration test?


Although we believe that individuals from all walks of life could benefit from taking a Birkman Career Exploration Test, we encourage testing for current college students who are undecided on their major, recent college graduates beginning their job search, and female “returners” who have unclear job search direction after time at home. A Birkman® Method test provides an objective assessment that will illuminate your next steps.

Who Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to complete the test?

The test can be completed on your device in 30 – 45 minutes. 


Will I be able to analyze the results myself?

Yes and No.  The report is clearly organized and the insights are apparent.

However, after completion, we will analyze your insightful and highly personalized report and arrange a one-on-one career coaching session with you to discuss your results.  We will assist you in drawing conclusions and using the results in your job search strategy.


How quickly will I get my results back?  

A one-on-one coaching and report review consultation will be scheduled within 5 days of online test completion.

What type of information does the report include?

The 16-page report is one of the most comprehensive career tools on the market.  It uses statistical data to determine the careers that can lead to occupational satisfaction. Specific information that you will receive includes:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and the career options that are your best fit.

  • Support to confirm career choices and ideas for alternative career choices, including specific job families/titles, and industries.

  • How do you relate to others?

  • What support do you need from the workplace environment?

  • What motivates you for best performance?

  • Your possible challenges.

  • Your effective and least effective ways of managing time.

  • How you approach a job interview and job search strategies

  • How you seek to influence others.


What is the price?

The cost of the test is $250 and includes the online test assessment and an hour-long one-on-one career coaching session to discuss your results. We will assist you in drawing conclusions and using the results in your job search strategy.

Birkman FAQ
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