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Fintech & Financial Services Recruitment

What makes us experts when it comes to fintech recruiting?

Financial Services Sector Experience & Knowledge

Our senior team at RES comes from the Financial Services community, representing years of experience in sales, strategy, operations and associated recruitment needs of the industry. Our technological expertise continues to advance along with the industry, now an extremely fast-paced, digital business world where software, tools and platforms are constantly evolving and must serve both mobile and cloud applications.


Fintech today encompasses startups as well as large, established institutions. We work with both – the early, innovative disruptors as well as the banks, brokerages, wealth managers and other financial services adapting to proven and emerging technologies. Fintech has changed investing, electronic trading, account processing, banking and insurance services, risk management, regulatory compliance, and the over-arching areas of big data, analytics, infrastructure and cybersecurity. We’ve worked with firms providing cutting-edge software using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and blockchain. We’ve worked with more traditional service providers using fintech applications for fund administration, business intelligence and market data.


RES specializes in recruiting for managerial, operational, sales and marketing roles--from support to C-level.  We have extensive networks and are well-versed in the skills and characteristics required of candidates. Our “Connection Sourcing” techniques are highly effective in these areas, which often require cultural fit as well as professional expertise.


Fintech sales is a standout growth area, with high demand for software and SaaS sales professionals who are tech savvy and have existing customer relationships in varied financial services markets and verticals. RES has filled many fintech sales positions for platform providers serving broad and niche clientele. We can also provide assistance in the IT software development or engineering arenas, and have additional partner resources if a company requires highly specialized technical skills and programming languages.

Long-term Relationships in the Fintech Industry

RES enters into each recruiting agreement as a strategic partner, and we work to maintain these partnerships as companies grow, diversify, and come back to us with changing hiring needs. The size of the client company does not affect the depth of our sourcing or recruiting efforts to find the right candidate for the role.  


Our clients are well-known firms in financial services and fintech, as well as many who are emerging in the startup world. RES is proud to work with:

  • some of the best-known brokerage services, fintech and investment banking firms in the U.S.

  • many of the nation’s largest banking institutions

  • prestigious asset and wealth management firms, hedge funds, and private equity firms

  • leading industry consultancies, and many more.

 We also maintain strong relationships with:

  • early and mid-stage fintech startups

  • small, select wealth managers and RIAs

  • niche financial service providers

Our recruiters have had tenures at multiple firms including Bear Stearns, BNY Mellon, Citi, Corbin Capital Partners, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Quellos (BlackRock), Salomon Brothers, Schroder Investment Management, and others. We are known in the industry at large. Our specific industry experience is a competitive advantage from both a sourcing and screening perspective.


Our recruiters are also graduates of well-known, prestigious universities, providing access to a vast alumni network. These include Cornell University, Duke University , Fairleigh Dickinson University, Fordham, Franklin & Marshall College, College of the Holy Cross, New York University and NYU's Stern School of Business, Rutgers University, and the University of Maryland.

How Can We Help You?

Fintech is among the fastest-growing fields in the professional job market today, and arguably one of the most exciting, with ever-widening horizons. What are your needs in this specialty?

  • Do you need an insider perspective on available talent, market rates, or the competition for talent?

  • Do you have a detailed job description or do you need help creating one that identifies  the "must haves" versus the "nice to haves"?

  • Is it a new role or are you hiring a replacement or additional staff?

  • Can you describe the soft skills a candidate will need in your role to help ensure culture fit as well as the actual experience and technological skills required?

  •  If your internal recruiting team or RPO hasn't found the "right candidate", what has been missing among the candidates interviewed?

As a strategic partner, RES strives to create a clear, complete picture of your candidate needs, and actively communicates throughout the process – adjusting and tailoring the search according to your feedback. Our efforts are customized to your unique goals with each hiring opportunity. We’d love to talk with you.