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Career Coaching

You have been downsized ... Now what?

How do you find your next great job expeditiously?

Most people's initial reaction to being laid off is panic. They contact recruiting firms and former coworkers and post their resumes on job sites -- and then just wait. Most people begin a job search in a sporadic, haphazard way. This adds to the feeling of not being in control of their own "career destiny" and makes it difficult to keep a positive outlook, which is an essential part of getting that next job offer.

This is where we come in...
We know that your job search and your outlook can materially benefit from proceeding in an organized and systematic way. You need to have a master plan in place and an outline for steps you can take every day to be proactive and confident that you are in control of your future.
As experienced Hiring Managers and Executive Recruiters in the financial services and consulting industries, we understand the best tactics for marketing to agency recruiters and hiring managers, and how to communicate with them throughout the interview process.

Throughout our Executive Search careers, helping candidates to present themselves in the best light and to land their "next great role" has been a favorite part of our jobs. Until now, we have been unable to "coach" candidates unless we had a position that was a direct match. But we're expanding! We're now able to devote some of our energy, time, resources and knowledge to candidates in the job market who can benefit from our experience, expertise and knowledge.
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