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Are your interviewers vetting the right skills?

Often, numerous interviewers are involved in screening and selecting new candidates – particularly in situations where there are a number of rounds of interviews as finalists are narrowed down. In these situations, often there are assumptions that everyone understands the "must-have" skills versus the "nice to have" skills and traits that can be critical to the culture and team fit. But experience has shown this is not always the case.

For example, you may have a hard time reaching a consensus on candidates if HR is focused on vetting

technical skills related to the company technology stack and the hiring manager is searching for analytical or creative talents and likes to challenge applicants with unrelated brain-teaser questions. It’s important that everyone involved in interviewing understands both the hard and soft skills needed for the role. Getting agreement on the critical requirements will help increase the odds that you make the right hire who will be successful and have a long tenure with your firm.

At Right Executive Search, we work as strategic partners with our clients in order to obtain the ideal candidate profile, including those essential hard and soft skills that increase the odds that the candidate who is extended an offer is a fit for both the company and role. In order to make sure our team and the client's team are all on the same page, we developed a template that is helpful in aligning critical requirements, interview expectations, vetting st