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Mastering Interviews with ChatGPT: Nail the Questions with This Quick Tip!

"Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning." – Thomas Edison

Introduction: In simplest terms, an interview without preparation is a waste of time. Most candidates know this, but may find the research a tedious part of the process or are pressed for time, and so often their preparation is done in part or not at all. One innovative tool that can significantly enhance and save time on this preparation process is ChatGPT.

You may have found ChatGPT to be a great resource for many other things. However, you may not have considered that it can assist candidates in anticipating interview questions for a specific job description and even craft thoughtful responses. It really surprises me how many candidates do not use this resource. In this mini-blog post, we'll explore a prompt you can use to help you gain that edge even before you walk in the door.


Input: What interview questions are likely to be asked for this position and what are some good responses to these interview questions.? (Cut and paste the job description into CHATGPT)

ChatGPT Response:

Interview questions for the position include (list of questions). Here are some suggested responses to these interview questions...


ChatGPT offers candidates a unique and powerful resource to enhance their interview preparation. Candidates can approach their interviews with more confidence and a strategic edge. Integrating ChatGPT into the preparation process is a valuable investment in securing that coveted job offer.

Remember, however, CHATGPT should be used as a template and guide. Your personal input is needed. You may not agree with some of its projected interview questions as the most important for the job or its suggested responses to some of the questions it extrapolated. So don’t just memorize and regurgitate. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a marvelous tool; augment it with your own human intelligence, experience, and perspective. Use CHATGPT as a way to generate ideas and then use your best judgment and make your responses your own.


Elisa Sheftic is the President and Managing Partner of Right Executive Search, LLC. Her expertise is placing mid- to C-level executives in the Financial Technology (fintech) and Financial Services industries. She communicates with Human Resources, Hiring Managers, and candidates daily and offers insights to clients and candidates on recruiting best practices. Elisa received her MBA from New York University and completed her post-graduate studies in HR at Cornell University.


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