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"Elisa has proven herself to be an extremely valuable strategic recruiting partner when it comes to understanding the culture and values, along with the critical skills we've desired in some hard to fill positions she's assisted me with. I value working with Elisa because of her attentiveness to truly understanding our needs, as well as her passion for getting us just the right person we need for key roles. I highly endorse Elisa's services."

— Lehua S., Recruiter, Talent Acquisition Brokerage Industry



"Elisa is a tremendous business partner. She is incredibly adept at candidate assessment as well as aligning expectations throughout the process. Her evaluation criteria is always on point; she sets a high standard for all candidates, so I know I see only the A-players. In addition, her honesty, accessibility, and market insight are some of the best I've seen in the industry. Elisa's a superior relationship manager who continuously delivers quality results."

— Heidi S. Recruiting Manager, Global Consulting Firm



"What compels me to recommend Elisa Sheftic is the value she brings. Many recruiters send all the resumes in their book… she listens carefully and sends resumes ONLY when she has suitably qualified candidates. She thoughtfully communicates on a regular basis and is a wonderful judge of the candidate's qualifications to our company's culture. Even if her candidate is not the candidate we select, her choices always make it to the final cut. Elisa saves me time and money and is one of our most valuable recruiting resources."

— Marianne G., Director of HR, Private Equity Firm



"It is my privilege to endorse the work of Elisa Sheftic and Right Executive Search. When I joined my employer as COO/CFO, I was given the task to quickly build the back office operations. Without the tireless support and patience of Elisa this would not have been possible. Elisa and her team supplied quality candidates one after another and helped me build a first rate Customer Service group and then quickly shifted gears to our Sales team. Elisa's team provided superior sales candidates enabling the company to grow a "support and international team" as well as the head of E-Commerce Sales and Marketing. This led to a sales growth of $25 million in less than three years.


Elisa is a gifted and intelligent professional who quickly understands a company's needs and does an amazing job of finding the right talent for the position. After building the initial teams, Elisa continually followed up with the teams and client to ensure all parties were completely satisfied. "

— Barry G., COO/CFO, Retail Industry.



"I highly recommend Elisa Sheftic for a wide variety of recruiting needs. As opposed to many recruiters that I've worked with in the past, I found Elisa listened carefully to our needs, presented us with a thoughtfully pre-screened population of candidates who met our criteria, and quickly adapted her search methodology as we honed in on the ideal candidate for our needs. Her process was efficient and respectful of our time."

— Gabriel G., Hiring Manager – Director of Institutional Strategy.



"It really was a pleasure meeting and working with Elisa who is an exceptional and unique professional. Her knowledge and understanding of the financial industry is, in my opinion, unparalleled amongst recruitment mavens. She is very well connected and her tenacity and motivation is quite outstanding. Every communication and interaction we had was meaningful, and Elisa's devotion to the cause is exemplary (to the point of opening up her weekends, researching and recommending reading materials, and putting her reputation on the line for people she believes in). I would recommend Elisa without any hesitation in any walk of life. -A true gem."

— Ed C., President, Financial Services Technology Provider



"Elisa provided search services for a mid-cap multinational client of mine. Together, we strategized to develop the position description and developed a target profile of the ideal executive to fill the Global Controller, Director -IT and a key European controller position. Elisa's input was valuable and very timely. She screened candidates in advance, knowing what I was looking for, and seldom presented a candidate that was not suitable for the position(s). She is versatile in her approach to industry needs and functional specialties. I would not hesitate to use her for future searches and organizational development consulting. "

— Dixon M., Private Equity- Senior Operations Executive



"Elisa is a "Top of the Class" recruiter. She is smart, creative, cares about her clients, has many contacts in financial services, tax/accounting, credit, risk management, etc. and possesses a great deal of integrity. She is an out-of- the- box thinker who finds the right solutions for her clients. Elisa accomplishes more in a day, than many professionals accomplish in a week."

— Susan S., Financial Services Marketing Executive



“I had the pleasure of working with Elisa this month and found her to be the most professional, and responsive recruiter I have ever worked with. She found an opportunity that was a perfect fit for me and I could tell that she did a wonderful job of understanding both my needs and those of my future employer. If you have the opportunity to work with Elisa, don't hesitate.”

— Marco M, Vice President of Sales, Global Consulting Firm



"In the space of a few weeks she was able to find me a job that exactly matched what I was hoping to do at the next stage in my career. The way that Elisa worked with me and managed the process was both dedicated and intensely professional. If Elisa calls you, my recommendation is to listen to what she has to say because it just might change your life."

— Terry S., Business Development Manager, West Coast Consulting Firm



"Elisa is persistent, professional and dedicated. She discovered me for my role at TDA and coached me through the entire process. She constantly looks for and provides feedback. Best of all, Elisa demands that both of her clients are fully knowledgable and excited for the opportunity. I recommend her to any company or talent!"

— Michael H., Head of Institutional Analytics,
Investment Banking Firm



"Elisa is a terrific recruiter who understands the nuanced needs of both candidates and employers to make a perfect match. Throughout the interview process, I found her to be incredibly professional, responsive, and genuinely interested in my success. I would highly recommend Elisa to any employer or candidate seeking the very best."

— Dana M. Vice President
Corporate Account Management, Global Consulting Firm



"Elisa's sixth sense in connecting people will bring your business to the next level. She provides ongoing professional advice that exemplifies the highest standards of the recruiting industry. I would definitely work with Elisa again!"

— Stephen C., Financial Services Analyst



"Elisa found me on Linked in after she saw that my credentials matched a job opening she was recruiting for. After she contacted me, we scheduled a meeting and the rest is history. She had recruited for my employer before, so she knew what they were looking for - she got me the interview, and I got the job! More importantly, throughout the whole process, from our meeting to me getting the job offer, Elisa was genuinely interested in my success and she was truly devoted to her job. She called me after all interviews to see how they went and how I was doing etc. What struck me most was when she called me after my first day at my new job. She is a great recruiter and she found me the perfect job match!!! Elisa will be fully devoted to finding anyone the right job match and will keep your BEST interest in mind at all times. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a job."

— Christine F., Retail Executive



"Elisa is an extremely honest and skillful recruiter. She has been instrumental at matching me to several opportunities that I definitely would not have been able to discover had it not been for her hard work and attention to detail. Clearly, she is my go to recruiter."

— Barry Z., Project Manager



"I've worked with Elisa for a number of months during my job search and have found her to be one of the most honest, hard working and creative recruiters I've ever dealt with. She has consistently sent opportunities my way whether they were a direct match or not, constantly pushing me think outside the box and not pigeon-hole myself into any one category for employment. I highly recommend Elisa to anyone seeking a motivated recruiter that truly wants to get the job done!"

— Alan F., Retail Operations Executive



"Elisa tried multiple times to get me an engagement or a full time employment. I must say that although, that did not work out for multiple reasons, Elisa is a great recruiter dedicated to help people and not just to make money as most of them do. She used to send me the jobs from other recruiters and did everything she can to help. I would highly recommend Elisa and certainly hope that we will have an opportunity to work together again."

— Braco P. Human Resources Executive



"I have worked with Elisa through my HR networking and find her to be a great resource for connecting candidates with relevant career opportunities. She is assertive and focused on helping others which are two qualities that will help her excel in the search community. I would recommend working with Elisa as you look to expand your sourcing avenues."

— Thomas D. Human Resources Executive



"Elisa is a dedicated and hard-working professional. She is honest, has integrity and is resourceful. During these difficult economic times, Elisa has been persistent in building and using her network to help clients and expand her business. She is a great worker and a pleasure to work with."

— Pamela S., Global Tax Marketing Leader , Big 4



"I have a very high regard for the work that Elisa has performed for me in the past as a recruiter. She worked tirelessly for me, had a great deal of integrity, kept my and her clients needs at the forefront of her thought process and was very responsive to my call and emails. She is a consummate professional."

— Marvin L., Equity Research Managing Director



"I am impressed by Elisa's assuring level of integrity. Continuing my work with her is mutually beneficial because of the inherent trust and quality that comes natural with Elisa. I recommend her to my colleagues seeking to work with a trustworthy, established and networked recruiting professional.

— Jay S., Financial Services Recruiter



"Elisa is a fabulous recruiter. She takes specific interest in her clients and does not treat them as someone in her "profile base" to call upon when needed. She follows up, champions when clients get jobs whether or not it was her lead or on clients own. Elisa refers clients to other recruiters who may be better suited in specific situations and follows up. She is always available, very hands on and offers great "out of the box" thinking. I will continue to work with her and refer her to my own colleagues!"

— Nancy L., Retail Executive



"Elisa has been an excellent recruiter. She builds a rapport with each candidate and remembers what they are looking for. That quality is very rare among recruiters. I have worked with several recruiters but she is the best. I am sure that she will do well her new role. She has the passion to help people to find the job in this difficult market. I wish her best wishes in the new company. Elisa will always excel in her work."

— Vivian S., Human Resource Manager



"Elisa is outstanding at what she does. She was an integral part of my recent career move. As an executive recruiter, she is efficient and easy to communicate with (and contact). She has a great sense for matching profiles and is dedicated to the whole recruiting process, from beginning to end."

— Joshua W., Internet Marketing Executive



"I have nothing but fabulous things to say about Elisa. She found me my first full time job and I will always be thankful for that! She is an incredibly nice, intelligent, dedicated, but most of all sincere woman. She was with me every step of the way, preparing me for my first day of work. She always called when she said she would, kept me in the loop of everything that was going on, and called to wish me good luck for my first day! She is an amazing person and I am so grateful that I met her."

— Colleen L., Recent College Graduate



"I had the opportunity to work with Elisa Sheftic on several occasions when I was a Sr. Managing Director at KPMG. She is extremely intelligent, was well-versed in the financial services industry, client-centric, and had excellent presentation skills. Additionally, she had a great rapport with the national partners at KPMG."

— Carol Z., Financial Services Executive



"Elisa is a experienced recruiting professional. She is a hard working dynamic recruiter that is very talented. Elisa has a excellent personality and is truly a delight to know."

— Barry H, Senior Recruiter, Big 4



"Elisa worked with me to find my dream sales position. She listened carefully to what I wanted in a position as well as to the type of company I wished to work for. During the interview process, she was very supportive and provided excellent guidance. Besides finding me a great position, Elisa has become a mentor to me. I find Elisa to be an inspirational business woman who connects the right candidates with opportunities they desire."

— Ashley I., Business Development Associate,
Global Consulting Firm

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