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If not a fit, then be legit... Making your job search more effective and less frustrating

In the current pandemic, "If not a fit, then be legit" is even more important.

Recruiters receive literally thousands of resumes per job posting in normal times and this “information overload” creates a strong dislike for people who waste their time. The number of incoming resumes continues to rise AC (After Covid) and recruiters must quickly weed out those with little or no relevant experience. Random submissions are more than annoying. They’re like spam that has to be opened and read before identifying it as such.

So be “legit.” Of course, you need to tailor your resume when applying for a specific position, making sure your qualifications are evident. But if you are not a genuine fit for a specific role or have to stretch your experience too far to make your case, then please don’t apply for that position. It gives the impression that you are haphazardly applying to postings and will "take' anything.

Instead, send an email detailing your core competencies and what type of role you are looking for (in a concise and organized format). That way, recruiters are more likely to enter your resume in their database and keep you in mind when they have a more appropriate job opening or learn of one being handled by others in their network. This is a much more effective use of your time and energy and will increase your chances of getting an interview in your professional field.

As an example, at Right Executive Search, we specialize in the financial technology (fintech) and financial services industries, where technical skills and operational and market knowhow are very specific, but we regularly handle roles for long-term clients in other industries as well as positions that are more cross-functional, such as accounting, marketing, human resources, etc. And we network with other professional recruiters, both regionally and nationally. We are all looking for “the right stuff,” role by role.

When you’re upfront about your skills and experience, our recruiters are glad to have your information and keep you in our candidate pool as opportunities arise.

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