• Elisa Sheftic

Making traction with your job search in the "new normal"...Make it personal!

I know many job seekers are discouraged during this unprecedented time and may feel like giving up on the job hunt, taking a break, or just taking any available job, regardless of whether it is a true fit. Yes, many companies across varied industries have announced layoffs and hiring freezes and put many searches on hold – but this isn't the time to give up. Accept that your job search during a pandemic may take considerably longer, but use the time to build momentum and pave the way for future job search success.

Of course, you should be using the time to update and refine your resume, but you also need a slightly different version of the elevator pitch. In the AC (After Covid) world, my advice is to make your job searching efforts more personal.

What do I mean by that? 

Your goal should be "real" conversations, in and of themselves.

The fintech industry is a high-growth area where the focus on operational resiliency and financial integrity has only been heightened by current events. Most fintech leaders are also busy trying to come up with new ideas to innovate, generate revenues and partnerships. And they are busily working on these things from home – which can be a benefit to your job search.

The Covid-19 situation has crystallized our shared reality and fragility as mere human beings, and the more casual environment of the “home office,” where the lines between corporate and home are blurred, makes us all more open to real conversations. For job seekers, there is a greater opportunity to make a personal connection with people working in your industry. Reach out beyond your usual network and try to connect with professionals at your target companies. Since the company gatekeepers are not running interference, there is a greater chance that the executive will personally pick up the phone or return a friendly voicemail.

When you connect, be sure to make it a two-sided conversation and show your genuine interest in the person, i.e., how they are coping, how the job is going amid the current challenges, thoughts for the future, etc. Be human. You want to make a personal connection while briefly establishing your credentials and job goals in this person’s mind. Show your knowledge of the industry by asking about current fintech issues in a changing market. You are looking to launch relationships and partnerships that can hopefully grow over time, so treat these encounters as a warm first meeting.

I’m finding that many in the industry are more open to having casual conversations during this time of common struggle – actually welcoming the break and more willing to “give back” by being more open to those seeking work. On your side, be equally welcoming and receptive to any shared information or advice.

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Wishing you and your family health, patience, and resiliency.

Elisa Sheftic

President & Managing Partner

Right Executive Search, LLC

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