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Sales is a Science More than an Art

Top complaints I hear from #fintech CEOs:

  1. "The sales cycle takes forever."

  2. "Our lead gen process isn't working."

  3. "Almost all our deals go stale."

This is often followed up with a sidebar comment that they hired a great salesperson, or two or three, but they're terrible.

I almost always respond with the same ask, tell me your sales process and I'll help you figure out where you need help. At best, I get sales stages from their CRM or a 50-page document; I've yet to talk with a CEO who can give me a one-page primer that helps the salesperson navigate the internal environment and steer the prospective client. So, I thought I'd share my generic B2B Sales Process.


It's worthwhile to note that this is a generic process, you need to personalize it to your business, your products, and your target market segments. I also recommend you mirror your process with your CRM to appropriately track duration and completed activities.

My two cents, you owe your salespeople a sales process primer if you want predictable sales forecasting. It will help you figure out the root cause of your delays.

Feel free to reach out to me at linda@toplinefocus.com for an editable template or if you desire a more detailed explanation of any line items.

Enjoy! Elisa Sheftic is the President and Managing Partner of Right Executive Search, LLC. Her expertise is placing mid- to C-level executives in the Financial Technology (fintech) and Financial Services industries. She communicates with Human Resources, Hiring Managers, and candidates on a daily basis and offers insights to clients and candidates on recruiting best practices. Elisa received her MBA from New York University and completed her HR post-graduate studies at Cornell University.

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